Friday, December 30, 2022

Justifiable Breaking & Entering

Many years ago, I worked with a very smart engineer who supported gun bans because "there are all sorts of reasons someone might break into your home with no intent to harm you.  Maybe there has been a traffic accident and he needs medical supplies." He was a nice guy who grew up in the Midwest and could not imagine a city government (like San Jose) that simply did not even try to do city government functions. 

Yes it is just barely possible that this could happen.   And the pigs can fly in after our hypothetical Good Samaritan.   So imagine my surprise and pleasure at this 12/30/22 ABC News story about a guy who went out into the Buffalo blizzard to rescue a friend.

"Soaking wet and freezing, Withey decided to seek shelter inside a local school and broke a window to get inside. But instead of hunkering down and resting, he ventured back out into the dangerous conditions to help others who were stranded.

"I can see there's a couple other vehicles stuck in the vicinity of the school. So I go to them and tell them I've broken into the school and that there’s heat in there," Withey said."

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  1. In these scenarios, the place broken into is generally unoccupied, and the guy breaking in is expected to pay restitution without quibbling about it. David Friedman analyzes this in his law & economics books.