Monday, December 5, 2022

Extended Warranties

I always find myself wondering if buying an extended warranty really made sense when it expires without having been used.

Then there was that Plymouth Neon where the covered repairs exceeded the repairs about 4x.  The Neon was a wonderful car when not in the shop.

The Lenovo extended warranty i bought for my wife's Yoga 7i is another "so glad I did that."  It failed a month out of factory warranty and while the promised on-site repair did not happen (I cannot blame them, when the charger does not even turn on the power LED in the side it is bad), they fixed it and had it back to me in about a week and a half.  It arrived today and I was able to copy the Thunderbird profile off of it to get my wife her contacts back on her new HP.  

It is weird that Thunderbird cannot just export the address book.  You copy the entire profile over from deep in registry land.


  1. In Thunderbird... (on Windows anyway) Open the address book part of the app Ctrl-Shft-B

    I have multiple address books that show up in a left-bar list. Right bar shows contacts in selected address book.

    Next to the address book are the 3 dots to display the context menu or you can use right-mouse to display the menu. Choices are to review properties, print, export, delete (if it is not the default) or make default.

    There are several choices for export. I usually use the default comma-delimited file, though that may not work if you are trying to sync with Apple.

  2. I purchased a new laptop some years ago....took a trip with a new digital camera, lots of pictures, when I got home I transferred them to the laptop. Then wiped the memory card on the camera.

    Then, I went to back up the laptop onto an external HD, and the 2 month old laptop died. HD failure. Took it back to BB to get the drive recovered.

    Nope. They just gave me a new laptop (same make/model). 300 pictures lost. The worst part is they would not let me have the HD to send to get recovered. Not and have a working laptop.

    So no. Not for small things.

    OTOH, I purchased a Dodge Ram PU. VERY glad I had the extended warranty on that lemon: The first time I had to use it (power steering actuator ('ram') failure) I more than doubled the cost of the warranty.