Sunday, December 11, 2022

Everything Hurts

I expect the coughing is going  to show up as chest pain in a day or two.  It has been years since I have had flu.  The good news is that I finished the Expert Declaration for Fouts v. Bonta before I got completely miserable.   I need to do an Expert Declaration for a Naperville, Ill. assault weapons sale ban in the next few days. 

I am bathrobe and slippers for the day.

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  1. Had the flu du jour the other week. Started with an occasional cough and mild sore throat Wednesday afternoon, when I woke Thursday the cough was persistent and throat remained about the same, the miserable part was the near constant body aches and cycling between chills/sweats. Developed a low grade fever (up slightly over 1°F) which was still quite noticeable from Thursday into Friday with the aches thankfully going away and the fever breaking late Friday evening, but Friday is also when my sinuses decided to get in on the game with frequent sneezes and mucosal flow. Felt wiped out Saturday into Sunday and my abdominal muscles were sore as hell from coughing/sneezing but in general it was all uphill and felt basically normal by Monday. The coworker I'm pretty sure dragged the plague in after picking it up from his girlfriend's kid didn't fare as well as I did as he was down hard for five days and had a fever peaking around 103°F at one point, I was kind of surprised by that as he is 30 years my junior.