Thursday, December 15, 2022

Our Unsurprising Allies

12/15/22 NPR:
"Some of Oregon's trans and queer gun supporters are worried that a new state law will prevent them from buying firearms.

The law, Measure 114, grants county sheriffs and police chiefs discretion to determine who qualifies to purchase a firearm under a new permit-to-purchase program."

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  1. A significant percentage of the "queer" and "trans" have significant mental health issues aside from, or in addition to their sexual/gender dysphoria.

    There has never been a question about whether unstable people should have access to firearms. There has only been the question of who gets to decide "unstable", and what the test and process should be.

    This process is clearly unconstitutional, but these same "queer" and "trans" folks voted for the leash and collar they must now wear.

    No sympathy.