Monday, December 26, 2022

A Lovely Christmas

Church was cancelled because the roads were too dangerous.   We went to our daughter and son-in-law and played Scattergories with them and the grandchildren for waiting for the ham.

Our daughter made a dessert with the ominous name of Dutch Baby.

I figured that I would skip the pictures where she sliced up the Dutch Baby with a knife.  It was very good.

As awful as the next couple decades will be in Middle Roman Empire America I do not expect the full economic collapse in my lifetime.  

The generation under 35 will scratch their heads and wonder how virtue signaling got them to a society in economic collapse and the dissolution of the Republic as the national government defaults on its bonds while most responsibly run states maintain decent credit ratings and functional governments; I expect many will coalesce into military alliances after Washington fails to defend Taiwan and Hawaii from Chinese control.  Defending the border with Chinese occupied California/Oregon/Washington is going to be ugly. 

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  1. I got myself a copy of Peter Schweitzer's "Red Handed" for Christmas and got through the first 85 pages or so this morning. It makes me think the ChiComs won't go to the trouble to occupy the Left Coast--their visible physical presence might cause some actual resistance to coalesce--but given their complete ownership of leftist elites like Feinstein, Boxer, Pelosi, Newsome, Swalwell, et al., they will just control it through their puppets.