Thursday, December 1, 2022

Okay, Brilliant Readers, Next Answer

 One of you pointed me to MotoCabin.  They make fiberglass motorcycle shelters.  69" high, 54" wide, 123" long,  Big Bertha will fit with room to spare.  What I would need to change 

1. Remove the front wheel support rail.

2. Cut out a square in the bottom of base so that it does not run into the telescope.

3. Attach casters to the base plate.  

4. When pouring pad, include U-channels in the concrete so they do not rise above the concrete.  These need to be just wide enough for the casters to roll, but narrow to prevent my telescope ladder catching on them.  (You motorcyclists and bicyclists know what happens when you hit railroad tracks at an angle.)

The last part of the puzzle: to keep a weather, bug, and house-proof seal, the base of the MotoCabin needs to end up on the pad, not above it.  Is there a way to have casters rise or fall without lots of wrench work?  I suppose I could put a rubber seal along the bottom and go for a very small elevation above the concrete.  The seal would require regular replacement.


  1. The search phrase to use on Amazon is "Retractable Casters"

  2. You could also look at using a brush type seal instead of rubber (searching 'garage door brush seal' will return ample results).