Friday, December 2, 2022

Don't Be An Election Denier!

 Lookout Mountain County District Attorney:

On Wednesday November 16, 2022, William Chase, a 62-year-old man from Walker County was convicted by a Walker County jury of Forgery in the First Degree, Illegal Acts Regarding Election Documents, Unlawful Acts Regarding Elector's Vote, Repeat Voting in Same Election. The trial began Monday, November 14th and concluded with a guilty verdict on November 16th in front of the Honorable Chief Judge Kristina Graham. 

The evidence presented at trial showed that a Walker County resident’s absentee ballot for the January 2021 runoff election was sent by mistake to an old address, a PO Box in La Fayette, Georgia. When the resident’s ballot never arrived but her husbands did, the resident called the Elections Office in Walker County to inquire about her ballot. The Elections Office discovered that they had already accepted, but had not yet counted, an absentee ballot for the resident, and the ballot appeared to have resident’s signature on the Oath of Elector section. The resident went to the Elections Office to view the ballot with the signature on it and immediately noticed it was NOT her signature. The Elections Office immediately cancelled the forged ballot and had a new ballot sent to the resident’s current address. 

Defendant's fingerprints on the ballot likely sealed the decision. Remember that these are the ones so incompetent that the get caught.

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  1. We don't really need worry about these because their just retail-level fraud and don't get can't cumulatively matter.
    That our election system is carefully designed so that fraud at this level is almost never detected, let alone caught, we're not supposed to talk about.