Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Can You Help Me Find This?

 Last year the Smithsonian put up a web page listing aspects of whiteness.  It was really offensive, saying that whites believe in rational thought and hard work.  I blogged about it.  They of course took it down once the companion piece about blackness read like Klan literature.  The whiteness page I found archived.

I cannot find the blackness page that called blacks emotional instead of rational.  Can you find it for me?

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  1. I note that the nmaahc website kept up their link to the same material linked to an external URL at Cascadia.edu:


    Wayback machine link above, as the Cascadia college link is now dead.

    I don't think the museum ever produced a parallel 'black culture' infographic, those that I saw were reactions, and may well have been produced by KKK sympathetic people.