Friday, July 2, 2021

NRA Board of Directors Election

 Any recommendations and why?

People I know who are "in the know" recommend:

Owen Buzz Mills

and two write-in candidates:

1.       Name ____Frank C Tait__________________________________________________________
CITY & STATE (of principal residence )______Wayne, PA__________________________________
2.       Name ____R. B. Rocky Marshall, Jr._________________________________________
CITY & STATE (of principal residence)_________Boerne, TX__________________________\

I just voted.  If you are a voting member of NRA, do so.


  1. Owen Buzz Mills, Ronnie Barrett on the printed ballot (ONLY), Frank C. Tait, Wayne, PA, and R.B. Rocky Marshall Jr, Boerne, TX as write-ins (ONLY).

    Time for the LaPierre regime to end. They cannot even get board insurance from Lloyds of London now. So Wayne and cronies decided to take $5-million to escrow as an emergency indemnification fund.

  2. The wife and I both wrote in Frank and Rocky on our ballots. How often do you think write ins make to the board?