Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Reading CNN Stories Like This

Makes me wonder if vaccination did anything at all.  

The Delta variant is so transmissible that even the vaccinated can get it and transmit it.  Maybe it is time to just order everyone to live 50 miles apart.

As I read this story, those who got vaccinated did not benefit from it and even 100% vaccination would have solved nothing.  All that money and whining about antivaxxers and it does not appear to have done anything.

Of course CNN is not a very trustworthy source so CDC says:
Gee what does this mean? I am vaccinated but I can still get and transmit the Delta variant.  What was the point of all that whining about getting everyone vaccinated?  I hate to see this as a Big Pharma thing but the taxpayers paid a huge amount of money for vaccine that CDC does not trust.  Why should I believe anything they tell us?

Perhaps the solution is to end international air travel.  Come by ship and the dead can be buried at sea.

UPDATE: already changed.  The first paragraph is now gone.


  1. I guess everyone needs to practice speaking with a Solarian accent.

  2. If it turns out that it is an escapee from the Dr. Mengele Lab in Wuhan, I can believe that it's a mere variant. Isn't the flu highly mutable from year to year? I have always understood that the more deadly the virus the harder it was to catch. Flu, you walk into an elevator and you can catch it. Ebola you had to really be exposed to bodily fluids, even more than HIV. With increase of function work paid by Fauci, maybe we get the mutability of the flu virus, with the increased potency imparted to it by the doctors.
    Correct me if I'm wrong, but early last year, didn't someone from the media, when they wanted everyone to swap spit with a Chinese person, explain that the ordinary headcold virus was in the Corona family?

  3. Because none of the jabs that are available for COVID are actually vaccines. If you pay close attention to what's said, you'll see that they (CDC, et al) say that the jabs simply mitigate the symptoms, NOT that they prevent a person from getting COVID (like a smallpox vaccine works). They use the word "vaccine" when talking about this because they're lazy and people who aren't paying attention and are afraid of a disease that has a 99.97% survival rate (for people under 70yo) will go get the jab. Add in the question of whether or not the jabs cause ADE (and/or are responsible for the Delta variant) and you have quite the mess from these jabs.