Sunday, July 11, 2021

Combining Signs for Two Businesses

In this case a law firm and fast food.
This Is in Middleton. 

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  1. Three businesses, counting the used car dealer at bottom. Or even four - the auto dealer also had a "performance" parts store advertisement in their section (as of 2019).

    The sign to the right advertising "KRAVS" is for the "fast food" place, though it seems to be more of an ice cream parlor. In 2019 it advertised the car dealer.

    Streetview is amusing. As one "moves" along Main Street, the text in the "fast food" window changes: "SUNDAES!", "SHAVED ICE", "MILK SHAKES", "MIXED SODAS!", and "KRAVS".

    Actually, that area of the sign is a programmable display, rented to whatever business wants it. In 2018 it carried notices from the local school district.

    The lawyer, the car dealer, and the ice cream parlor all moved in after 2012.