Wednesday, July 14, 2021

As Much As I Hate Doing Business With Amazon

There is one advantage to a single source.  I recently ordered a part for my webcam from  It never arrived.   I could not remember from whom I ordered the part.  Because it was not very expensive, I ordered from eBay.  I suddenly realized that Newegg was from where I ordered.  So I went there to see if my order had shipped.  

Weirdly, the tracking showed the vendor created a label and that was all.  Newegg had already refunded my money but without letting me know about the canceled order and refund.   Complicating this was that they showed the refund was to my original payment method.   I searched through PayPal and found it.

I guess if I want to order from other vendors, I better make a spreadsheet. 


  1. It should show up in your email.

  2. That's not a Newegg/eBay/Amazon problem. That's a Clayton problem.

  3. I feel I may be partially responsible for this post and your taking down your previous post about dealing with Amazon. I just want to make clear that my previous reply to the Amazon post was not meant to be a personal statement toward you but rather a more political statement, if you will, and to explain that I found not dealing with Amazon a lot easier than I thought it would be.

    I thought I would say that I have had good service from Newegg in the past but I haven't ordered anything from them recently. Obviously, it is possible that their service is now wanting because of some corporate change or you were a victim of a more random snafu. Either way, it's regrettable.

    But speaking to your point about buying "responsibly", there are websites that help you determine if a company has a politically hostile stance (e.g. there are lots of others) or not and sometimes you have to shop with the company is the least bad.

    Thanks for your blog!


    P.S. If you would like to reply and in case my email address doesn't come with this comment, you can contact me at

  4. Use a single email address for all your accounts. When you get an order confirmation email, move it into an "online orders" folder, and don't purge emails in that folder. Then if you ever need to look it up, you know where to go. This is less useful if you have an email that doesn't list the stuff you ordered, but you could reply to that email and change the recipient to yourself, and then type in what you ordered, so you've got a record right there, tied by subject. Not perfect but it'll help.