Saturday, July 17, 2021

Astrophotography Again

 I finally figured out how to use Live View on my Pentax K20D.  You turn it on from one of the menus then the mode selector to video and then do fine focus, exposure length, and ISO, before returning to still mode to take the picture.

This was taken just after sunset, prime focus, ISO 100, 1/100th second:

I obviously have a ways to go on sharp focus.

I bought a variable length eyepiece projection adapter so that I can vary distance from eyepiece to focal point for more magnification.  I am only going to share a couple tonight.  I took some video so that I can learn to use Registax to stack images.

I think that may be the Long Wall in this one. 1/3 second ISO 100, using the 25mm eyepiece I think.  I will GIMP this tomorrow:

These are 20MP images which through the black magic of JPG and DCT are only about 5MB images, which Blogger I think reduces to a reasonable resolution.  I may be able to make these truly impressive with GIMP.

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