Monday, July 26, 2021

The Latest Attempt to Politicize Vaccination

 Apparently Republican states have low vaccination rates.  I can think of a number of factors coincident with Republican domination of a state: largely rural populations not so worried about the disease; Democrats have higher incomes than Republicans; this 10/17/13 articles observes:

When it came to strongly stated religious adherence, his conclusion was that there was a small negative correlation between it and science literacy.

He concluded: "I frankly don't think that that's a very big deal. There are plenty of highly religious folks who have a high science comprehension score, and plenty of secular ones who don't."

However, his eyebrows were lifted by an examination of scientific knowledge and politics.

He had expected that those with the poorest hold on scientific knowledge would be members of the Tea Party.

Some might imagine that this was along the "I disagree with you most strongly, ergo you must be most stupid" axis.

What the numbers told him -- and he declared them statistically significant -- was that those who professed to be Tea Party members had a positive correlation with scientific smarts.

Yet Los Angeles County is again mandating masking to protect their large unvaccinated population.  I had no idea that Los Angeles County was rich in Republicans!  Antivax sentiment is as much a leftwing cause as conservative.

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  1. The next election may surprise the mendacious members of the Demagogue Party with how many Republicans are in Los Angeles County.