Saturday, July 24, 2021

I Do Not Know If There Are Any Astronomers Among My Readers

 Losmandy G11 tripod. I bought this originally for a business manufacturing telescope mobility solutions. For several years this had a GM8 mount and 5" f/9 refractor on it. I have since moved those back to a GM8 tripod. This is the non-folding tripod. It weighs 28.8 pounds and is very stiff. It is easier to ship than it looks; the legs are held in place by clamps and can be removed for shipping in a smaller box. Obviously I would rather sell it locally.

Cosmetic issues: The previous owner left it in a location with direct sunlight and the legs faded from that beautiful anodized black to a dark purple. As you can see there are some scratches at the bottom of the legs where my mobility solution clamped on. These are purely cosmetic issues.

Dog not included.


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