Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Today's Scam

The voicemail says if I do not call them back concerning Social  Security, an arrest warrant will be issued.  These scammers must think Americans are really stupid.


  1. I have reached a point where I do not answer if there is no name on the phone call. If it's legit they will leave a message on the voice mail. I wonder if they will triple, or more, the calls now that the phone companies may soon implement new systems to block these calls.

  2. Sadly, the number of people who would respond is likely greater than zero.

  3. The frightening thing is, some must be: There must be some success rate in these calls, else they would not do them,

  4. James: Are you suggesting that they aren't running at full annoyance speed now? How many phones are there in America? 300 million, perhaps? It takes a long time to dial every number.

  5. One morning I checked my phone & had 10 or more of those Social Security scam calls on my voicemail. One would take up where the one before left off! The calls aren't made by a person, it's all done by computer, so they can make hundreds of calls in moments.

    Now I use an app called "Showcaller" on my Android phone, which identifies many of the spam calls & lets me block them easily.

  6. When I was working at H&R Block as a tax preparer, I talked to a woman for almost a half hour assuring her that whoever was calling her saying they were from the IRS was a scammer and just ignore what they say and if she can, just don't answer, because the first contact will be by mail.
    She was distressingly unconvinced.

    1. In that case you could have told her to call the local IRS office from the phone book or their number on the tax forms so they could calm her down by telling her it isn't them.

      The fact that the idea of a call coming from them engenders such fear doesn't speak well for their reputation and power! And of course that's why that scam is so successful...