Friday, August 30, 2019

Another Trump Tragedy

8/30/19 Business Insider:
The low unemployment rate in the US has created 'worker deserts' across the country, with more than 1 million more jobs available than there are people to fill them
What happens when supply decreases and demand does not?  Prices (wages in this case) have to rise.  Hence the constant lamestream media whining about the coming recession.  They made it happen President Bush in 1991.

HuffPost, of course, had bad news:
The report noted that while unemployment rates for all college graduates aged up to 65 and young workers without a bachelor’s were at the lowest levels of the current cycle, the market for recent graduates bucked that trend.
Maybe degrees in Victim Studies are not in demand?


  1. There is no labor shortage. There is a shortage of workers at current wages. Pay people enough money and even those irksome jobs performed today by unskilled illegals will be filled by U.S. citizens.The left doesn't seem to understand this and instead wants to import countless numbers of unskilled immigrants who only serve to drive wages down.

  2. The GHW Bush recession was in 1988, not 1991. I had just graduated from college with my BSME and was told there was no work for recent college graduates. It stayed that way until Bill Clinton was elected in late 1992.

    I doubt there are worker deserts. People do move where the jobs are and we have had national job shops like the poorly run USA Jobs site created by Obama and shutdown by Trump. But companies got used to the cheap Indian and hispanic workers and the government provided healthcare and benefits.

  3. I've got a friend in Ohio that has 14 jobs open, Great pay (more than $25/hour to start). Can't get people that can pass a simple drug test.

    His neighbor has a job going wanting for an overhead crane operator that has been vacant for more than 8 months. There simply aren't enough operators in the area, even at $100k per year.

  4. "Can't get people that can pass a simple drug test. "

    Then he should stop caring if people smoke pot on their own time. Or offer more money.

    "There simply aren't enough operators in the area, even at $100k per year. "

    Then offer more. Or pay relo. Or provide housing. If oil fields can get men to move to Dakotas and hotbunk in trailers, he can get a crane operator to take a similar deal.

    No sympathy.

  5. The solution to labor shortages is always better pay. But pay someone well, and their enthusiasm for the Democrats wanes. A co-worker many years ago was a fresh CS hire. He was full of liberal sympathy for Big Government. By the third paycheck, he was asking where all this money deducted from his paycheck was going.