Sunday, August 4, 2019

I Getb So Frustrated That No One at a National Level Cares About the Clear Mental Illness Aspect of Mass Murder


  1. The leaders on the left don't care about mental health because stopping the killings isn't their goal. They want mass murder and mayhem. They don't want to stop madness. They ACTIVELY ENCOURAGE CHAOS AND EVIL.

    They want "we the people" to be afraid and helpless. they want to stampede us into giving them power.

  2. Well since the only thing the Dems are interested in is destroying the 2nd not surprising. Increasingly the Left has shown open hostility to any connection to mental in addressing this. This includes pseudoreporters covering the weekend events.

    You need to look at the statements and writings of your "professional " opposition Dr. Liza Gold. She appears to be a leader in the "it's the guns and not mental illness" camp. Look at & (Gun Violence and Mental Illness: Talking With Liza H. Gold, MD). Are you familiar with Gold?

  3. Hi Clayton,

    I read your book "My Brother Ron" What a great insight to the history of how we have dealt with mentally ill.

    After this past weekend this issue will be a hot topic again.

    I heard the President say today that we need to look into involuntary commitment . What are your thoughts on that?

  4. I share your frustration. It's a political flamethrower now, there's no rational discussion.

    The Left is, of course, blaming Donald Trump and his rhetoric; with a strong push for gun control & additional background checks (which, so far as I'm aware, both murderers passed successfully when they bought their weapons.)

    Some "news" reports are blaming "right wing extremism," but as usual the shooters were both mentally disturbed Democrats, one of whom supported Warren. I don't expect to see that mentioned on CNN though!

    Even President Trump is calling for more gun control, and "red flag laws;" this alarms me, because if he presses that button then much of his support will vanish. There is only so much 2A supporters like me will stand for, and we've seen year after year how "compromise" only ratchets in one direction.

    Our American culture has eroded. We are no longer the people we were in the 1950s, when schoolboys took their hunting rifles to school & left them in their trucks, and when fights on the school grounds were commonplace- but no one went back to their vehicle to get a gun to shoot someone. Boys then carried pocketknives, but I never heard of anyone using one in a fistfight.

    People back then respected religion, and families were strong; there were few single-parent families, boys had a father to learn from and to be disciplined by; schoolboys weren't drugged to make them more like girls, sexual deviants weren't displayed as models to emulate, and psychotropic drugs hadn't been invented. Nor were there so many additives in our food; read any can or box, the ingredients are lists of chemicals, and it's anyone's guess what combinations of chemicals does to people- particularly young people.

    We're no longer in Jefferson Airplane days, where "One pill makes you larger And one pill makes you small, And the pills your mother gives you Don't do anything at all..." now all the pills do something, but it may not be a good something.

    There is no cure in sight that I can see. So I'm glad I am old; what this country will be in 20 years won't even be recognizable as the United States of America I grew up in, and I want no part of it!

  5. Steve: Trump says it so automatically evil--concentration camp stuff.