Friday, August 23, 2019

RoboCalls NPR  reports on how the phone companies are responding to the new FCC rule allowing phone companies to block voIP robocallers.  Funny how this never happened under Obama.  This cannot be a bad thing for Trump 2020.  The ads writes itself:  "on my watch, robocallers became a painful memory.  And my FCC appointment was part of it."


  1. I have said that I could run for president and my platform is working to end anna's existence. Barrack and his helped trigger this robo call mess, and then ignored its growth. Granted its taken three years under Trump to bring the phone companies to an agreement. If by this time next year Robo calls are significantly down it will help re-elect him. Given how bad it is on my phone, we could have a recession and people would still re-elect Trump.

  2. I wouldn’t hold my breath on this working..........