Friday, August 9, 2019

Projection Again

8/8/19 CBS Miami:
PORT ST LUCIE (CBSMiami/CNN) – A Florida man ran into some trouble with police on Thursday, after he reportedly asked a Walmart clerk for “anything that would kill 200 people.”
This coming a few days after the mass shootings in Dayton, Ohio and El Paso, Texas, in which at least 31 people were killed.
Officers found the man, who told them he was trying to make a political point.
“I was in the Walmart in Port St Lucie and I just spoke my mind, said Phil Attey.
Attey admitted that might not have been the best way to make a point, but he insisted he wasn’t serious and he’s a gun violence prevention activist.
“I’m in a Walmart a few days after El Paso and I’m seeing a white nationalist looking guy purchase a gun and I got mad,” Attey said.
What do "white nationalists" look like?


  1. According to the left just being White is suspicious......

  2. Did the clerk direct him to the gasoline cans?

  3. White, presents as male, and more robust than the usual soy boy leftist?

  4. This got into the news feed, but not the part about who he was. A sort of fake hate crime?

  5. How about o the bug foggers: good to set the house on fire if you don't shut off the pilot lights.

    A few large bags of chemical fertilizer and 30 weight motor oil.

    Speaking of just being white, I guess being a member of the Sons of the American Revolution makes me a white supremacist. Next we will hear of the outlawing of the Mason's and the Knights of Columbus.