Saturday, August 10, 2019

Epstein Succeeds on 2nd Suicide Attempt

Yeah, right.  There are already four big names exposed.  I suspect even more would have come out of a plea bargain.


  1. I am withholding judgement. Bureaucracies, such as jails, are quite capable of just screwing this up. For outsiders to cause this to happen involves steps that would have to be kept hidden.

    But, it's early. Maybe we'll find out.

  2. People are already questioning if Epstein was Clintonized: Another person who may have had dirt on Bill and Hillary who suddenly dies (particularly by suicide).

  3. Could this be that Epstein killed himself, after getting his lawyer to get him off suicide watch- and then the video system mysteriously broke down, completely coincidentally- and the guards who were supposed to eyeball him every 30 min. somehow screwed up, also completely coincidentally- and Epstein was full of remorse & then did himself in by hanging himself with his paper coveralls?

    Why sure! Anybody who'd buy beachfront property in Arizona will agree!