Friday, August 2, 2019

DC Abuse of Power (Where else?)

7/30/2019 Washington Post.  The reporter interviewed me about justifiable vs. excusable homicide but none of it survived the editor.  At least the VPC claim that there are 34 murders for every justifiable homicide is not in there, so I guess that I accomplished something.

Four masked men attempt armed robbery at a vaping shop.  Security guard kills the one shooting at him.  Thug's mother thinks it is unfair that just because police had video of the robbery, and by her own acknowledgment Javone and her other son had been “out in the street,” which I am guessing is inner city slang for not pursuing an education or bourgeois employment.  Anyway, security guard is charged with a weapons violation which is dismissed.  But his security business (8 employees) is now shut down by DC police.  Can't have masked armed robbers dead in the street, I guess.  You might not think it is Baltimore.

I see this reaction a lot.  Someone raises a thug who threatens to kill someone for their property, which shows that her thug thinks the lives of others are worth less than a watch or a wallet.   Then she decides it is unfair that someone else applies the thug's ethical system to the thug.


  1. Her ethical system. Someone had to teach the thug.

  2. That belief, expressed so succintly by Daffy Duck, "I'm different. Pain HURTS me." is an outgrowth of vanity, which is not, "oh, I'm so good looking", but really, as explained by the Scottish author Josephine Tey in her detective story, "The Singing Sands", "I deserve this because I am Me."
    That Momma raised her son to believe that, and Sonny was her pride and joy, she's not going to admit she didn't do a good job.
    It does spoil what Kim Du Toit calls a happy ending to what is a moment of terror for the would-be victim and potential future victims.