Tuesday, August 13, 2019

If Only There Wasn't This Climate of Hate Being Promoted by Politicans

8/13/19 NBC San Antonio:
FBI agents are searching for suspects in connection with shots fired at two ICE buildings early Tuesday morning.
The shooting first reported took place around 3 a.m. Tuesday on the 1700 block of NE Loop 410 near Brookhaven Drive. We're told another shooting happened at a separate ICE facility around the same time.
Investigators say that multiple shots were fired on two floors targeting ICE officials. No one was hit, but windows were broken in the building. One person was injured, it's not clear how they were, though.
"I don't think there's a question that they knew which floors the ice offices were," FBI Special Agent in Charge Chris Combs said Tuesday. The building shot at has multiple tenants, with the ICE facility located on upper floors.

"All of the shots that we have found are on the floors where ICE had offices," Combs explained. "This is no question a very targeted attack. It's not a secret facility, you can go online, it's out there. So they did some research, they knew what floors ICE was on, they knew what buildings they were and and they hit those."
Imagine if BATF offices had been targeted in the Clinton or Obama Administrations.  The hollering about Republicans promoting hatred would be never ending on CNN.  The left wants a Civil War.  They are going to be very disappointed at the results. 

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  1. a person's home bombed in the Northwest, two CHP shot at by a motorist with an AR, the mosque attack in Norway, and various other incidences the Left can use for their agenda on the TV news. But how much coverage of Hong Kong: only on rightwing radio.