Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Read This Description And Ask Yourself, Is Civil War 2 Coming

8/7/19 Hollywood Reporter:
In the wake of a trio of deadly massacres, the studio is evaluating its strategy for the R-rated Blumhouse satire in which elites stalk "deplorables."
The trailer is not quite this explicit:


  1. Wow. Klantifa projection, much?

    This deplorable might go down, but I'd do my level best to take them with me...starting with the 'guide'.

  2. Wouldn’t such a production be considered hate speech if it was conservatives hunting lefties? Yet more hypocrisy....

  3. This is part of the plot for Lee Child's most recent Jack Reacher book, "Past Tense", without the political fantasy. Perhaps Mr. Child should sue. From November 2018 to July 2019 is more than enough time to hack out a shooting script, do all the casting, shooting, and post production if they aren't THAT worried about production values. Art Buchwald, after all, got some money from the studios for "Coming to America", which starred Eddie Murphy and featured an African prince and remarkably similar plot and incidents.
    And yes, this is hate speech, except Der Sturmer on the Hudson and Bigots at Black Rock only think it's news if there's hate coming from the right.