Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Would You Characterize This As Mental Illness?

Pittsburg, KS (1888)
11/11/1888: Woman’s husband killed in mine accident; body mangled.  A few hours later, she takes her children “to the improvised morgue where lay the body of her husband,” leading each of their five children “up to the ghastly corpse,” then back home where she douses herself and her five children with “coal oil” and lights everyone afire.  The eldest child escaped after a fight with her mother.


  1. no, probably a women in despair of her future making a choice between horrible alternatives.

    as to NY requiring ALL children be vaccinated, they voted for their leaders.

  2. These are always the cases the Left trots out as the reason for the welfare state. I think there is still nothing today to prevent this sort of same-day grief-motivated grief-and-shock-powered homicide.