Wednesday, May 8, 2019

When Even the Left Says So...

5/1/19 The Nation.  If you are not fanilar with it, this is the magazine of the organized left, like National Review for the right:
§ Toward the end of the first volume (pp. 144, 146), Mueller produces a truly stunning revelation, though he seems unaware of it. After the 2016 US presidential election, the Kremlin “appeared not to have preexisting contacts…with senior officials around the President-Elect.” Even more, “Putin spoke of the difficulty faced by the Russian government in getting in touch with the incoming Trump Administration…. Putin indicated that he did not know with whom formally to speak and generally did not know the people around the President-Elect.”
So much for all the shameful Russiagate allegations of Trump-Putin collusion, conspiracy, even treason. Surely it means the United States needs another, different investigation, one into the actual origins and meaning of this fraudulent, corrosive, exceedingly dangerous, and still unending American political scandal.


  1. Maybe the collusion was via ESP . . .

  2. They are going to get their wish: AG Barr has said he is investigating the origins of the failed Russia hoax, but I doubt very much that readers of The Nation will approve of the results of those investigations. The hoax continues, of course, in all the Fake News media outlets who refuse to let it go even though they've been exposed as the liars and frauds they are.

    Also, National Review today represents very few on the Right, organized or not; it's mostly a Never-Trump hangout, and is only the decaying wreckage of what was once an influential magazine.