Wednesday, May 1, 2019

A Bad Sign

4/29/19 Santa Rosa Press-Democrat:
A mountain lion captured outside Santa Rosa Plaza shopping mall Monday morning likely wandered into downtown from a nearby creek, wildlife officials said.
The animal was spotted before dawn walking along B Street near the mall entrance. Its urban adventure, which unfolded in front of dozens of downtown workers blocked from getting to their jobs, lasted more than five hours, before the mountain lion was hit with tranquilizer darts and loaded into a carrier to later be released in a rural area north of town. 
“I didn’t expect to be late to work due to a mountain lion,” said Kharman Aidun, who waited with coworkers along B Street for the cat to be captured.
And yes, I used to shop there.  My son's observation: "It’s a bad sign when the mountain lions aren’t able to afford Northern California and are hanging out looking for kibbles by the mall."

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  1. These are the same mountain lions that prior to 1995 approximately were characterized as reclusive and shy around humans, where 1995 was when they became a protected species?