Saturday, May 11, 2019

Mental Illness is So Widespread

5/7/19 Fox DC:
 - A North Carolina woman has been arrested after she repeatedly went to the CIA’s headquarters in Northern Virginia and asked to meet with “Agent Penis,” according to court documents.
Jennifer Hernandez was arrested after she went to the CIA’s headquarters in Langley multiple times between April 22 and May 3, court documents stated.
There was a time when this would lead to observation, likely followed by commitment.  I wonder in which political party she is registered?


  1. Virginia LE checking in. Sadly, it is much easier to arrest someone with mental health issues than it is to get a TDO. Doing so places the burden on the Sheriff's Office or the Regional Jail to do the paperwork and transport the inmate to the mental hospital.

    It is often "unwritten policy" for many agencies to arrest instead of TDO because they don't want to tie up an Officer/Deputy for the time it takes for Mental Health to do a diagnosis of a person. And once they are inmates, mental health officials would not see them because "they are no longer a threat to themselves or others because they are in a controlled environment." And yet they are attempting suicide and us correctional officers were getting hurt. (I've twice been under a 1 year observation because of blood contact with persons of altered mental status.)

    Fortunately Sen. C. Deeds got the law changed on how beds are allocated for Mental Health. It's much better now. But no where near perfect. (Central State didn't have the money to clear a condemned building they had to tear down for safety reasons.)

  2. I think we are ALL mentally ill to some degree. What's normal? Who decides what "normal" is? And don't we all vary from "normal" at least a little bit?

  3. LCB: While there are many less severe forms of mental illness, most are not mentally ill, by the definition of "normal."