Thursday, May 30, 2019

I Knew About This Incident

But far more interesting than I realized.

New Orleans, LA (1891)
3/16/1891: A jury having found several members of the Mafia innocent of the murder of police chief David C. Hennessy, a mob of 8,000 lynched eleven of those found innocent.  The leading men of New Orleans, including lawyers and well-known city reformers addressed a large crowd called to the meeting by a newspaper ad.  The speakers denounced “Detective O’Malley, who is supposed to have tampered with the jury.”  The ad “deprecated violence…. [but told readers] ‘Come prepared for action.’”  The mob broke down the door of the parish prison and shot to death the accused prisoners.  After the leader of the rally called the mob to disperse. “[B]ut first they made a rush for Parkerson [the lead speaker at the rally], and lifting him bodily, supported him [on] their shoulders while they marched up the street.”
Category: lynch
Suicide: no
Cause: revenge
Weapon: firearms[1]

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