Sunday, May 26, 2019

Eclipse Experts?

I decided to solve my problem with tracking down all those missing URLs by writing a filter named, cleverly, fields that would take CSV lines from stdin, and take the contents of each field and output them into an output string.  Sort of like awk, but smart enough to ignore field separators inside quotation marks.  This will let me produce output that I can process into URLs to find the newspaper articles so that I can grab the link to the page I need.

So I have cygwin on my PC, and I have made good use of it to write a bash script that automatically produces URLs that look up by year and month a variety of strings ("murders", "killing 3" and similar).  My goal was to give my research associate a list of URLs to click instead of having to pull down menus in Chronicling America.  That is working well at speeding up the process.

But having coded and compiled fields under cygwin, there is no debugger included in cygwin.  I could just transfer all this to my VM Linux, but I would prefer to stay under Windows for this.  There is no easy way to share files between VMWare's Linux and Windows.  (There is supposed to be, but I have never figured out how to install the VMWare tool package to make this work.)

So I am trying to use Eclipse for C/C++ instead.  I like IDEs and Eclipse is familiar to me.  It does lack the 1980s feel of coding and building in emacs, then debugging from the shell, but nostalgia only goes so far, and as I mentioned, cygwin has no debugger.

Eclipse is insisting on using cmake instead of make, and worse cmake is apparently not installed with Eclipse for C/C++.  Anyone know how to change it to use make instead?

Awesome!  One of you python handlers (much like the backwoods rattlesnake handlers but more useful) wrote me a program to do what I needed!


  1. Small plug for VirtualBox from Oracle. It's free, it allows you to share folders between host and guests. I've been using it on my home machine for nearly three years.

  2. Are you still on an older version of Windows? If you have Windows 10 you can get the Windows Subsystem for Linux and then install Ubuntu. Sharing files then becomes a lot easier (iirc, the C: drive is mounted somewhere like /mnt/c.) Then you get all the native tools instead of using cygwin, and on top of that, if you have graphical X applications you like to use, you can get the xming X server for Windows and even run your X applications right on your desktop--no VM! It's actually pretty nice.

    (You could even use XEmacs if you wanted to!)

  3. By the way, there does seem to be a cmake plugin for Eclipse in the Marketplace. I haven't tried it but I found it with a quick search.