Thursday, May 2, 2019

Amazing! Buying Guns Before Birth

4/30/19 Associated Press:
Earnest legally purchased the gun, Stephan said, declining to elaborate. She said he wore a tactical vest and carried five loaded magazines with 10 bullets each.
AR-15s have been banned for sale in California since 1989--30 years ago.  Somehow a 19 year old bought a gun 11 years before he was born.  Apparently, AR-15s can still be purchased in California as long as they have a fixed magazine.


  1. And are featureless. No pistol grip or flash hider

  2. Not a fixed magazine, but a bullet button magazine release catch. I keep telling people the California Assault Weapon ban is not total since a total ban would include the M-1 carbine and Mini-14, which were exempt specifically from the original 1989 ban because of how many were used in the Agricultural industry of the State. It was in 1999 that the AR-15 and M-1A was banned only to then have the AG look for ways to get them off the ban list. The M-1A was removed by having the muzzle-brake replaced by the California approved one. First they tried to get Bushmaster to make a fixed Magazine AR-15 but that didn't work. So Jerry Brown then resorted to the Bullet Button device. They had to get it off or formally with draw from the CMP program which Clinton modified in 1997.

    Surprisingly the recent magazine ban (the overturned ban) threatened both guns again.

  3. The bullet button is now obsolete. Illegal as of End of June 2018. Old guns so equipped can be registered as assault weapons up to that date.

  4. The Thordsen ( stock is the way to have a featureless build now. That or Monsterman (, if you only want to replace the grip with one that does not allow the thumb to extend around the grip.