Monday, May 6, 2019

Today's Frauds

They are getting less competent.
I am Ms Amanda Lion former International Payment Officer United Bank For Africa[ UBA] and my reason communicating with you get me angry and seriously upset which i find it hard to control even as this point of sending this message.
Am really surprised that your payment which i handle part of it years ago during the time i worked as International Payment Officer at United Bank For Africa [UBA] before i was promoted/ transferred has not yet get to you, honestly it is crazy and madness that your file still come up for payment at my office now am Director Of Finance and Exchange Control Officer at same Bank honestly i was totally mad that over three years i left as International Payment Officer United Bank For Africa[ UBA] your payment still not receive to you IS TOTALLY CRAZY.
I want to inform you here without fear or favor that all the wrong must be corrected with immediate effect because i see no reason why International Payment that can release within two weeks are still on hold for past three years i left my former position.
I will not look back to fight the injustice because it is injustice which i cannot allow to continue so if it takes me for someone to sack because of this i will make sure it happen because this injustice must stop with immediate effect. How are you coping since all this years please note that it is not United Bank For Africa is the one responsible for this rather it is group of people sit on this matter to frustrate you hoping that one day you will abandon the payment so that they will use it for their own personal interest but thank God i have return back ONCE AGAIN at United Bank For Africa not just returning back but with higher position.
A promise i made this day i will do everything humanly possible to bring this INJUSTICE TO JUSTICE.
Kindly Stop at this minute any further communication you have with any office, ground or persons and do kindly forward me your direct telephone number is important to me including your address.
Best Regards Ms Amanda Lion.
Director Of Finance and Exchange Control Officer
She misspelled her last nam. Lyin', not Lion.
This is David Brown from custom boarder protection homeland security Des Moines international airport Iowa USA, I write to know if you are ready now to receive your two military boxes which have been in this office for long time, the fee has been cut down to $550 usd, so kindly get back to me asap to enable attend to you immediately and appoint one of our delivery agent to go ahead and complete your delivery to your location address you want the boxes to be deliver to you as soon as possible ok, Bear it in mind that this is last chance for you to receive your boxes okay.or it will be send to treasure department as an abandon shipment ok. Regards David Brown Cell: +15152032156 


  1. Apparently I have been so difficult to locate that a military attache, a Colonel Eddington Bombard, from Egeria has been hired so that the World Bank of the U.E.S.A. can finally disburse a very enormous amount to me payable in gold sovereigns. So large a sum that I dare not say out loud due to praying ear.

    He included his 'Staff Number' so I know he's legit.

    'Born yesterday' Rick

  2. You need to tell Rush Limbaugh that he is now officially a DHS representative.

    That is him in the photo.

  3. Clayton, you must be living in a time warp! I haven't received anything like these Nigerian Scam letters you keep getting for decades now.

    Though that last one was particularly nice, it's Rush Limbaugh pretending to be Homeland Security! What a hoot!

  4. Here in Texas the most recent SCAM is from the Social Security Agency.

  5. At least they didn't use Ted Bundy's photo.

  6. James: Social Security Administration? I received one of these calls that was very well done that I blogged about a few months ago.