Friday, May 24, 2019

Tablet Question

My wife wants something she can use to read notes from while someone else is flipping the PowerPoint slides.  Just one finger to move from page to page.  What is available, and does anything fit this description?

I feel so antique.  There is PowerPoint for Android tablets.  I assume that I can save just the notes to a PPT file to put on the tablet, and just slide right 


  1. Yeah, any Android tablet would work. Heck, if she's got a big enough cellphone that would work.

    Also any touch screen computer would work. Last class I took I had the PDF open on a old ACER that has a (lousy) touch screen and used that to flip through the documents while doing the labs on my other computer.

  2. You are looking for a "Presenter Notes" feature. Google Slides allows you to present from your phone or laptop so you see the slides on the projector or chromecast screen but on your own screen you see your plain text notes. I presume other slide software has similar features...