Thursday, May 30, 2019

Winter in May

Hailstorm.  Not usual weather for May.
Remember: the global warming claim won't end until a polar bear eats an IPCC member at a conference in Los Angeles.


  1. Had hail here in the North San Jose area a week? ago. Raining out front, thunder, and hail in the back yard. Looked like snow, it covered so well. Pea sized. Filled the rain gutters, and covered the grass. 45 degrees.

  2. The Leftist religionists I call my relatives are off the global warming sacrament, and well into the Climate Change sacrament. A polar bear could eat anyone anywhere, and it's evidence that everyone but them should live an impoverished 50's Soviet existence so they can feel relieved of guilt for their cars, homes, imported and organic food, and jet airplane trips in perpetuity.