Thursday, February 28, 2019

Oklahoma Goes Constitutional Carry

2/27/19 Tulsa World:
OKLAHOMA CITY — Individuals will be able to carry firearms in Oklahoma without a permit or training starting Nov. 1, when a bill passed by the Legislature and signed by Gov. Kevin Stitt goes into effect.
The bill is the first signed by Stitt since he took office.


  1. I would like to see training, at least a few hours. The training I went through in Arizona, before we had constitutional CCW, was very valuable.

    Now, whether to require it... well, that depends. I think the 2nd Amendment would tolerate it if it didn't impart undue burden, or have a discriminatory effect.

  2. Like Oklahoma's governor, I strongly encourage it.

    I am of two minds about whether it could constitutionally be required. Driving requires passage of a test, although not training. But there is no requirement that you take a class on libel or slander before you start posting or publishing a newspaper.

  3. Driving is not a right enumerated in the USC.

    And, I think that the increasing tendency to call "permit-less" carry "Cons-Carry" is a misnomer.

    True "Cons-Carry" would have the same amount (none) of .gov involvement as deciding to write a newsletter, or preach a religion.

    What would you call it if, formerly you needed a license from .gov to preach the gospel, but now do not, but only if you avoid saying certain things?

  4. BFR: Governor hasn't signed it yet.