Monday, February 11, 2019

Cash Discounts

We are processing the bills from Rhonda's recent surgery.  While we will get reimbursement from Christian Healthcare Ministries in about 120 days, I find myself imagining CHM's average member having to carry $5,000 or so for 120 days.  I suspect that they end up with enormous credit card balances for a few months.  St. Alphonsus's Emergency Room gave us a $1227.49 uninsured discount on a $4091.65 bill, and we paid part of the bill up front.  The anesthesiologist's bill was $2250, but paying it by Discover card just after the bill arrived, they gave us a $1350 discount.  (I suspect that is what many insurance companies pay for this service.)  Probably many uninsured either do not pay or take many months to pay in full.

The good news is that our Discover cashback bonus is substantial.  And I am so glad we paid off both car loans and the mortgage: a $2100 increase in cash flow.

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