Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Amazing What Spending Vast Amounts of Money Can Do

2/16/19 Salt Lake City Tribune:
Carson City, Nev. • Nevada’s governor on Friday signed into law a bill expanding background checks to private gun sales and transfers, taking advantage of a Democrat-controlled Legislature to approve the first gun-related bill to cross his desk.

Lawmakers say the bill is a fix to a 2016 gun background check measure that was narrowly approved by voters. Former Gov. Brian Sandoval and former Attorney General Adam Laxalt, both Republicans, opposed the law and said it could not be implemented because it required the FBI to conduct the checks....

Lawmakers heard hours of public comment on the legislation earlier this week before the Senate passed the bill on a party-line vote. Among those speaking in favor of the law were survivors of the 2017 mass shooting at a Las Vegas music festival. The attack killed 58 people and left hundreds injured, becoming the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history.

Gun reform advocates acknowledge the background check bill would not have stopped shooter Stephen Paddock from getting hold of his weapons, but instead tout the bill as an important step in preventing gun violence.
The problem is that many states have had mandatory background checks for decades with at best mixed effects on murder rates.  But feelz matter more than evidence.

I think Nevada's legislature  was basically offered enough money by Bloomberg to stop questioning what their profession was.  ("We've already determined what you are.  Now we're just haggling over the price.")

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  1. We know the real purpose of the so called “expanded checks” is the goal of eventual registration of all guns and the end result of banning, confiscating and criminalizing firearm possession. That it makes a bunch of ignorant fools feel good is just icing on the cake to get such garbage thru.