Monday, February 11, 2019

Unwilling to Pay Taxes

Occasional-Cortex now admits that her overview of the New Green Deal did indeed include economic security for those "unable or unwilling to work."  I love the sound of that!  What about those "unable or unwilling to pay taxes"?  Now they say it was posted by mistake.  Now drafts often get posted by mistake but what moron (other than a Democrat) would think people "unwilling to work" deserve anything but a kick in the pants?  Does anyone other than the billionaires who fund the Democratic Party really think the lazy deserve economic security?


  1. It might have been posted by mistake, but it was not a mistake in thought. That is how those idiots truly believe. They even tried it out in the land of fruit and nuts awhile ago. They gave everyone in one small town a guaranteed amount of income, I think it was a thousand dollars a month. What do you know, they had to stop after just a short time, it didn't work.
    That they even had the guts to attempt it is telling about just how stupid and short sighted they are.

  2. Unwilling to work. Talk about knowing your constituency!