Thursday, February 14, 2019

Free Video Capture Software

When you find something free that isn't crippleware (limited in some way to get you to buy the commercial version) or awash in annoying ads, it is really lovely.  My wife is applying for a teaching job, and a video is part of that application process.  I have VideoStudio 9 which captures video just fine, and my Microsoft Lifecam VX5000 comes with software for that, but I wanted something that I could use on her notebook with the built-in webcam/NSA telescreen.  NCH Software offers a free version for home non-commercial use.  The only struggle that I had was not their fault; I have so many audio input devicesd that figuring out which to use was a struggle.

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  1. A big part of looking good on camera is the perspective that the camera is seeing.

    Looking up the nostrils is never flattering.

    If at all possible, place the camera at or above eye level, and if you will be reading or interacting with a screen, have the screen right under it so that you are looking the right direction.

    Also have a neutral or appealing background. It was nice when my bookshelves of academic books were right behind my desk-chair -- when I started doing video-meetings I arranged them purposefully so that the books like "college teaching for dummies" was not in the view of the camera.