Monday, February 18, 2019

Your Abuse of Adjective Formation for the Day

The daily newspaper of Rugby, Tennessee?  The Rugbeian.


  1. I love reading through old newspapers. I really wish I had the time and resources to actually do research like I did back when I was in Grad school.

    A while back you asked for a paper from the Library of Virginia and I was so determined to go down there and find it for you... But I didn't have enough free time to do so. Parking used to be limited to two hours in that area. (I've been there recently and they allow you to use your phone to extend your parking time, which is awesome but I didn't know it at the time.) Waiting for a day off and then having to operate between dropping off and picking up the kids from day care (including travel time) really reduces the time for good research.

    I know that I can do research online, but Google is not a friend plus too many interruptions from the wife, kids, and pets.

  2. Chronicling America at Library of Congress makes it easy.