Sunday, February 17, 2019

Never Enter the Laundry Room Without a Gun

2/14/19 New York Post:
Sean Ishol, of Lucerne Valley, California, was putting a load of laundry into the dryer Monday when he heard his two dogs whimpering and crouching down.
After cleaning out the lint trap and adding time to the dryer, Ishol walked over to see what was perplexing his pups. His wife, Bobbi, was on the other side of the garage — where their washer and dryer is located — also inspecting the situation.
As he bent down to get a closer look, Ishol saw a dark shadow and two light eyes peering out at him from behind the machines. Instantly, Ishol recognized it was a mountain lion and he slowly backed away, instructing his wife to do the same....
From now on, Ishol said he will be prepared — inspecting his garage and areas around his home as well as carrying a firearm when he’s out checking on his animals at night. 

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