Monday, January 15, 2018

Sorry I Did Not Get a Picture Before the Unplug

My wife wanted to move the furniture in the family room, which meant disconnecting the ultimate cable mess.  Kenwood stereo receiver, speakers, cables to the wireless headphones  (think of it as 1970s SurroundSound) and TV, Sony Playststion, Sony Netflix box, with cables for HDMI connection to a laptop as needed.  We decided that the VHS VCR did not need to be reconnected.   Oh, and the Ethernet connector through the outlet.

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  1. Sounds like the mayhem when I disconnected my computer for the last time in California. The first thing to go where the extra USB and Firewire ports. At that time my computer still used USB keyboard and mouse, not Bluetooth. Then there was the external hard drive (Firewire2), the Dazzleboard that connected to my combined DVD and VHS player (also Firewire2), the Gaming joystick (USB), headphones (2mm), etc (which means I know there was more, I just can't remember).

    As I think on this I ask myself what would have happened if I had adopted this family of cats I now have back then. Answer, even more cables ruined and the higher potential of a kitten going from domestic short hair to fluffy in a minute.