Saturday, January 13, 2018

If Many African Countries Aren't So Bad, Why Are We Getting Immigrants?

Trump's choice of language is offensive, but making it among Democrats was clearly intended for leaking.  He knows many Americans share that view.  If these places are so wonderful, why are citizens of those countries so intent on immigration?

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  1. There's a good chance President Trump didn't use that language, as the FakeMedia has resorted to "anonymous" sources, none of which were even in the room when he was supposed to have said it; if so, their attempted "hit job" boomeranged on them.

    Whatever the truth, Trump is in a win-win situation: either the countries actually are s--thole countries, so the description is accurate, or they're not. If not, then people there don't have any need to come here!

    It's amusing how CNN, the leader of FakeNews, completely melted down. Mark Dice has the video: