Saturday, January 27, 2018

How Many Jobs Were Lost At Sam's Clubs?

Apparently the left is screeching on social media that the Wal-Mart bonuses mean nothing because they la aid of thousands of employees at Sam's Club.  I cannot find any totals, and this started last quarter

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  1. Their corporate website says the average club employs 175 people. IIRC 63 stores were going to close, although I think I read something a few days ago saying there may be more closures.

    Huh, that turns out to be about 11,000 people.

    Another article says that only 50 stores are closing, and the others are being reconfigured to become regional distribution centers, although current workers aren't guaranteed positions.

    "In a note to staff, Sam's Club President and CEO John Furner said that a review found stores that were hindering business at other locations or operating in areas that had not seen the population growth that was expected."