Monday, January 8, 2018

At Least NBC Knows Why Obama Won

Their tweet endorsing Oprah Winfrey for President shows that they understand that black voters will only show up for their own race.  Instapundit pointed me to this marvelous Tweet:
“Oprah for president!” -the same folks who’ve been moaning for a year how bad it is to have a celebrity TV billionaire in the White House
Apparently, they have deleted it.  I guess that someone at NBC stuck xer head out of the bubble and figured out that this might impair their pretense of objectivity.


  1. First, the Obama Phone. Next, the Oprah Car!

  2. Let us not forget that Oprah not only KNEW of Weinstein's perversions, she continued to partner with him in business, and according to at least one actress' report, facilitated her assault.