Saturday, January 6, 2018

Time Lapse Video

Regular readers know that one on my little idiosyncrasies is time lapse video:

I have long wanted to do this on a transcontinental scale and a number of others have already done so.  This video is New Jersey to California in 41 minutes.

I am calculating that at about 3,840 mph.  (Very vehicles passed him.)  Not keen on his choice of soundtrack, but still a marvelous way to see the U.S. without gobbling up all your vacation days.

I like his technique of putting the current road in the lower left corner as well as major cities and state boundaries.  I might have left the states there while flying through.  West of the Mississippi, the states are huge!

I think I might have broken it up into more segments.


  1. Your video is fascinating, Clayton- sure shows how empty the county is around your parts!

    You really need to clean the fluff off the needle of your Victrola, though. The music was nice, but that swoosh, swoosh is very distracting!

  2. RCA not Victorola. Next time I will strip out the soundtrack from the video first.