Thursday, January 11, 2018

If You Still Use Twitter, Why?


  1. Here's a quote from someone these leftists hold in high regard:
    "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable." President John F. Kennedy

  2. Twitter can be frustrating, and of course I hate their censorship of speech that they dislike, which they aren't man enough to actually do in a straightforward manner: they have to weasel around by shadowbanning, and surreptitiously removing & hiding tweets. They are cowards, as are all the Left.

    That said- it's free, it's amusing, all the Lefties have to tell everyone in great detail how smart they are, and how cleverly they sabotage the Right. It's sort of like the Nazis telling everyone what their war plans are, right out loud! It is quite amusing when these carefully laid plans by such brilliant geniuses get blown out of the water, as they usually do quite rapidly.

    Also, you can get breaking news more rapidly than by any other means that I know of. It's also handy to know what the Left finds so dangerous or unacceptable that they have to hide it. If you get banned, it means you've hit a nerve!