Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Even Trump Haters Are Calling Oprah for President For What It Is

1/8/18 New York Post  After praising her accomplishments:
But none of this makes her fit to be leader of the free world. And just because the precedent has been set with Trump — to horrible effect — doesn’t mean the Democrats should run a charismatic celebrity with zero credentials. Not Tom Hanks, not The Rock, not Oprah Winfrey....
In 2006, Winfrey endorsed one of the most anti-intellectual products of the decade: A book and video called “The Secret,” which promises that anyone can have anything they want as long as they visualize it. Conversely, if tragedy or poverty befall you, it’s your fault. “The Secret” went on to sell 20 million copies internationally.
“I’m thrilled for the success of ‘The Secret,’ ” Winfrey told Larry King in 2007. “I think that the message needs to go further . . . it is very true that the way you think creates reality for yourself.”...
Winfrey also gave a platform to Jenny McCarthy, the former Playboy Playmate-turned-vocal-anti-vaxxer. In her 2007 appearance, McCarthy claimed that her then-toddler’s son autism was caused by a measles, mumps and rubella vaccination — a wholly unproved and unscientific assertion, one Winfrey largely ceded to her guest.
“My science is named Evan, and he’s at home,” McCarthy said. “That’s my science.”
That’s actually the opposite of science — it’s an anecdotal assumption — but Winfrey left that statement unchallenged, making McCarthy a regular guest and signing her to a talk show deal.
"[T]he way you think creates reality for yourself."  Reality is not shared?

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  1. I was thinking of Terry Crews. He has more experience as President than Oprah, and really, anyone except Martin Sheen.