Sunday, January 28, 2018

Does Walther PPK Hold Open on Last Shot?

I have had an American Arms PX for many years.   It is a licensed copy of the PPK in. 22LR, although not anywhere near as nicely made or finished.  I think it cost me a bit more than $100, so I am not upset.   I was watching a YouTube video,by a guy trying to figure out why his PK-22 (apparently a close relative: looks identical) would not reliably extract and feed the next round.   A little polishing of the chamber solved the problem.   I noticed his pistol locked open on an empty magazine.   Mine does not.  Do real PPKS do so?  Is there perhaps a problem with whatever part is pushed up by the magazine follower?   All 3 magazines exhibit this behavior so I doubt it is a magazine problem.

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