Sunday, September 22, 2013

Windows XP Inventory of Programs?

I am getting ready to upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 7.  I have dozens of programs that I have installed on this PC that I am going to want to reinstall under Windows 7.  In some cases, these are programs that I downloaded, paid a license fee for, and then installed.  I can go through and try to find all the serial numbers in the Help displays for each program -- but is there a program out there that already does this?  It would be a lot faster than doing it by hand.


  1. You might try the Belarc Advisor. I don't know if it manages to capture all the license numbers, but it does do some. Pretty neat little tool, actually.

  2. I like Belarc Advisor for this sort of thing. It shows the license key of Microsoft products plus others, but I've never relied on it to recall keys, just have a good inventory before moving machines.

  3. Look into this:

    I've used it repeatedly. It's really good at finding Microsoft software keys. There's a paid version that claims to be able to get keys from 4500+ different programs.

  4. Good luck. We're upgrading here at work...and we're running in to a lot of aps that just WON'T! RUN! ON! WINDOWS! FRACKING! 7! No matter what we do...

  5. I still have two really nice, fairly new printers, an Epson and a Canon; also a really nice scanner by Epson.

    All worked great under XP; none work under 7. Get prepared for lots of frustration & extra expense as you make the move.

    All in all I do like 7 better than XP, but no one will ever be able to make me go to Win 8.

    YMMV of course!

  6. I just paid $800 for the disks and information to upgrade my home computer from XP professional and Word 2002, and my laptop from Vista and Word 2007.

    "you will need to manually reinstall your programs and restore your backed up files after installation."

    @#$%^&*!If I had wanted to do a clean reinstall I would have bought a @#$% new computer with the new $%^&$ operating system on it.

    When I bought the computer, the programs I wanted were installed already. What do these computer geeks think anyway, that we all get a new #$@#%$^& computer and software handed to us by our employer every #$$%$%$$#@^%$# year? And don't ask about the new menu arrangement for Word 2007, it's been 5 years and I'm still peeved.

    I don't have Tourette's syndrome, I am a Windows user.

  7. I share your feeling about the Word 2007 and later menu schemes. Everything is much more clumsy. The only reason that I use Word 2010 is:

    1. All my students have it, and I need compatibility.

    2. It was effectively free, because of being an employee of College of Western Idaho.

  8. One other thing to be aware of on Win7 is that the sensible XP search dialog is gone replaced with the most obtuse "simplified search" ever. I highly recommend: